Winterwood Privacy Notice


This notice describes how Winterwood Farms LTD collects and uses personal information.


This notice tells you what personal information Winterwood Farms LTD collects about you, why we need it, how we use it and what protections are in place to keep it secure.

Key terms

“Winterwood” “we” and “us” mean Winterwood Farms LTD. “You” mean prospective, present and past employees, contractors, and agency staff and people connected to them (such as the person you nominate to contact in an emergency). “Personal information” means information about you, and from which you could be identified, including information which may be protected under the privacy or data protection laws.

Privacy at Winterwood Farms LTD

It is Winterwood Farms LTD policy to:

  • Process your personal information fairly and in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Tell you (either directly or in our policies) about how we will use your personal information.
  • Only collect personal information from you when we need it for legitimate purposes, or legal reasons.
  • Ensure that your personal information is adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose for which we collect it.
  • Not keep your personal information for longer than we need to.
  • Keep your personal information secure and limit the people who can access it.
  • Ensure that you know how to access your personal information and exercise your rights in relation to it, including being able to keep it accurate and up-to-date.
  • Ensure that any third parties we share your personal information with take appropriate steps to protect it.

What personal information does Winterwood Farms LTD collect from and about you?

We collect and use different types of personal information about you, depending on your circumstances, your role and the law, which may include:

Type of information:
Information about you: Name, address, date of birth, nationality, race, gender, religion, and preferred language, details of any disabilities, work restrictions and required accommodation.


Information to contact you at work or home: Name, address, telephone, and e-mail addresses.


Information about who to contact in a case of emergency (yours or ours): Name, address, telephone, e-mail addresses and their relationship to you.


Information to identify you: Photographs, passport and driving license details.


Information about your suitability to work for us: References, interview notes, work visas ID information such as passport details and driving licence information, records/results of pre-employment checks.


Information about your skills and experience: CVs, resumes and application forms, references, records of qualifications, skills, training and other compliance requirements.
Information about your terms of employment with Winterwood Farms LTD: Letters of offer and acceptance of employment, your employment contract.
Information that we need to pay you: Bank account details, national insurance, tax number.


Information that we need to provide you with benefits and other entitlements: Length of service information, health information, leave requests.


Information to allow you to access our buildings and systems: Employee number, computer or facilities access and authentication information, identification codes, passwords, answers to security questions, photographs, video images.


Information relating to your performance at work: Performance ratings, targets, objectives, records of performance reviews, records and notes of 1 to 1s and other meetings, personal development plans, personal improvement plans, correspondence and reports.


Information relating to discipline, grievance and other employment related processes: Interview/meeting notes or recordings, correspondence.
Information relating to your work travel and expenses: Bank account details, passport, driving licence, vehicle registration and insurance details.


Why do we need to collect and use your personal information?

We need to collect and use your personal information for a number of purposes. These may include:

Purposes for which we need your personal information:
Recruitment: ·         To assess your suitability to work.

·         To conduct screening, assessments and interviews.

·         To maintain a library of correspondence.

·         To make offers and provide contracts of employment.

·         To conduct pre-employment checks, including determining your legal right to work and carrying out criminal record and credit checks where applicable.


Human Resources, finance and other business administration purposes: ·         Staffing, including resource planning, recruitment, termination, and succession planning.

·         Budgetary and financial planning and administration; Organisational planning and development and workforce management.

·         Compensation, payroll, and benefit planning and administration, including salary, tax withholding, tax equalization, bonuses, insurance and pensions.

·         Workforce development, education, training and certification.

·         Performance management.

·         Problem resolution, including carrying out internal reviews, grievances, investigations, audits.

·         Business travel and expense management.

·         To conduct business reporting and analytics.

·         Administration of flexible work arrangements.

·         Work-related injury and illness, including the management of employee Health & Safety, and disabilities.

·         To provide HR support and case management.

·         To communicate with you and to facilitate communication between you and other people.

·         Compliance and compliance reporting, including conflict of interest and gifts and hospitality reporting.

·         Risk management.

·         Project Management.

·         Training and quality purposes.


Security purposes: ·         Physical access control.

·         Authorizing, granting, administering, monitoring and terminating access, records, property and infrastructure including communications services such as business telephones and email/internet use.

·         CCTV.

·         Prevention and detection of crime.


Information Technology administration purposes: ·         IT Systems access control and use monitoring.

·         IT fault reporting, management and resolution.

·         Systems administration, support, development, management and maintenance.


Legal purposes: ·         To comply with our legal obligations.



What is the legal basis for processing the information?

We will rely on your consent to process the information which is collected at the outset of the recruitment process.

Information and documentation to establish your right to work is processed by us as we are legally obliged to do so.

In respect of medical information, the basis for us processing this will depend on the circumstances but will usually be for one of the following reasons: it is necessary to protect health and safety or to prevent discrimination on the grounds of disability or where consent has been obtained.

Information in relation to criminal record checks, which are relevant for some roles, will be processed on the basis that it is necessary for us to comply with the law or consent will be obtained.

If you are an employee, we will process your personal data, including financial information, for the purpose of you entering into a contract to fulfil your role and to enable us to pay you, depending on the specific contractual arrangements and circumstances.

For the purposes of paying you, where relevant, we are legally obliged to provide information to HMRC and pension providers.

During employment, we may also process your data on the basis of our legitimate interests i.e. for administrative purposes.

What are your rights?

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The Data Protection Act (DPA) you have a number of rights with regard to your personal data.

You have the right to request from us access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data, the right to restrict processing, object to processing as well as in certain circumstances the right to data portability.

If you have provided consent for the processing of your data you have the right (in certain circumstances) to withdraw that consent at any time which will not affect the lawfulness of the processing before your consent was withdrawn.

You have the right to lodge a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office(ICO) if you believe that we have not complied with the requirements of the GDPR or DPA with regard to your personal data.

How long will we keep your personal data?

We only hold your personal data for as long as there is a business need or a legal obligation to keep it.

How do we protect your personal information?

We have security arrangements in place to guard against unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, destruction or accidental loss of your personal information. You are required to help with this by ensuring that your own personal information and that of your colleagues and third parties are kept secure. You should not share your or anybody elses personal information unless there is a genuine business reason for doing so. We take appropriate organisational and technical security measures and have rules and procedures in place to ensure that any personal information we hold on computer systems is not accessed by anyone it shouldn’t be.

How can you request access to the personal information Winterwood Farms LTD holds about you?

If you have any questions about the personal information that we hold about you we suggest that you speak to your line manager or a senior member of the management team. You can also contact us by phone on 01622 844286 or by post : Winterwood Farms LTD, Chartway Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 3DN

Changes to our privacy policy

We keep our privacy policy under regular review. This privacy policy was last updated on 11th May 2018.