Winterwood Farms Ltd (“WWD”) is a soft fruit company employing in 2020/2021, on average, 270 employees by number in any given week all year round. The number changes ±~20% depending on the season and is a mixture of part and full time.

On the Report’s snapshot date WWD had ~54% female relevant & full pay employees and ~46% male relevant & full pay employees.

The Company’s Mean Gender Pay Gap in hourly pay was 4.6% (i.e. female pay was 4.6% lower than men’s pay), which stayed on the similar level to last year, whilst the Median Gender Pay Gap in hourly pay was -2.1% (i.e. female pay was 2.1% higher than male pay). It is important to note that each role is paid the same to both sexes, and that this difference simply shows that slightly more females have taken up the lower paid roles than males, rather than females being paid less to do the same role.

Bonus Pay figures show that, whilst 5.8% of male relevant employees received bonus pay, 40% of female relevant employees were paid bonuses, which is an increase compared to previous years. Mean Gender Pay Gap in Bonuses was 28.2% and Median Gender Pay Gap in Bonus was -96.4% i.e. the WWD bonus scheme is based purely on the employee’s performance, regardless of gender.

This is the fourth Gender Pay Gap Report that the Company is required by law to publish, and the Company’s track record with regard to equality has been good. There are more women in the Upper and Upper Middle Quartile pay band and more equal distribution of men and women in the Lower and Lower Middle Quartile, compared to previous years.

As Pay is assigned to the specific role, and both male and female employees in the same position receive the same Pay, the Gap in Pay is mainly due to the different roles taken up by men and women within the Company.

The Company continues to uphold its efforts in closing any Pay Gap identified and also continue to ensure that all arising opportunities are readily available to all.


Written Statement

Managing Director of Winterwood Farms Ltd, Stephen Taylor, confirms that the information is accurate as at the time of publishing and the data has been calculated according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.



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